For Jack Cassinetto, It's 1910 All Over Again

Reflections, Napa River
oil on board in frame by the artist
13 x 10 inches

"Did you say Cassinetto or Cadenasso?" mused one collector of California landscape paintings as she marveled at Jack Casinetto's work.

Cassinetto may live and paint in the here and now, but his style is straight from the turn of the last century, when the tonalism movement held sway among painters in Northern California. Cadenasso, Martinez, Piazzoni, the Mathews and half a dozen other of the best painters of the period are the chief influences for Cassinetto's work a century later.

Cassinetto has been painting all of his adult life. For the past decade, he has worked exclusively in the tonalist style, capturing the moody beauty of the Northern California landscape from Fort Bragg south to Point Lobos and inland to the Delta and the Gold Country.

And those frames! He continues to showcase his work in antique frames that enhance the early California look. Occasionally he carves his own frames for just the right painting.

Cassinetto continues to be a favorite among collectors of California landscapes, particularly those with an interest in the Arts & Crafts era.

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